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Personal Colour Analysis -'Getting Your Colours Done'

Professional Colour Analysis

Update your Wardrobe with Colour! Wouldn’t it be great if you had a capsule wardrobe, that would mix and match effortlessly? Where everything just belongs together, and more importantly, looks great on you? If that sounds like a daydream, then keep reading – you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be.

Every person has their own unique set of colours that look ‘wow’ on them. 12 Season Colour Analysis is a systematic way of finding those exact colours – all the ones that will bring you compliments on your skin, hair and eye colour, as well as, on what you are wearing.

"I don’t have anything to wear (and my closet is full of clothes)."

You're not alone.

My clients come to me and talk about their hair colour mishaps. One client told me how she put on her lipstick and immediately took it off, because it just didn’t look right. Another confided to me that shopping wasn’t as much fun as it’s made out to be.

All of them were disappointed with the results they were getting. They bought the colours that were in fashion, but what they couldn’t see was that some of these colours were making them look dull, sallow or drained. Many tell me that they had forgotten how good they could look – they had become so used to their ‘sallow/drab versions’.

You probably know the feeling… You start feeling a bit ‘washed out’ in your outfits, so you go out and buy more makeup to bring some life to your face. Your hair now looks mousey in comparison, so you get some highlights or dye it red. And before you know it, the makeup, the new hair colour, your skin tone, and your current wardrobe colours are all at odds with each other.

"Does it matter?," you ask.

Yes. Some colours just don’t go together. You probably have a pair of pants that doesn’t work with a certain top – because one is a pastel baby blue and the other is an olive brown. It’s disharmonious and it’s uncomfortable to look at together.

The same thing can happen with your skin. There could be disharmony between your skin tone and the colour you are wearing. This is the reason behind why some clothes make you look drab or sallow. It’s not YOU. It’s the COLOURS you’re wearing – and fortunately,  that is easy to fix.

I've always known that certain colours look better against my skin, but until I heard about Personal Colour Analysis through friends, I had no idea that someone could find out exactly which colours that might be. Thank you for your excellent service!
Small Business Owner

The Properties of Colour


It has to do with how warm or cool the colour is, how bright or muted it is, and whether the colour is of a high/low value or of a medium value. Only one specific combination of these three colour characteristics will be outstandingly good with your skin tone. 

A Colour Analysis will find the best colours for you.

No more second guessing.

Most people focus on matching clothes with clothes, without factoring THEMSELVES into the equation. When what you wear is in harmony with your natural colours (skin, eyes and hair), people will take notice. The common side benefits my clients report are that people tell them they look younger than they actually are. They find that random people go out of their way to compliment them on how they look. And for some of my clients, looking harmonious has even played a role in getting a long sought after job promotion.  

When you finally understand what YOUR best colours are, you’ve hit the shopping jackpot. You maximize your Return-on-Investment (ROI). No more wasting money on things that don’t suit you, a wardrobe full of clothes you don’t wear, and a make-up bag of abandoned products.

Is looking your best complicated?

No, not once you have the right information.

Colour Analysis is the key.

Colour Analysis is one of the key tools you need to D-I-Y your own ‘signature’ style.
You’ll be able to shop with confidence. And spending time and money on items that are wrong for you will finally be a thing of the past. 

I’m sure you’ve probably already wondered what colours look good on you. Some of my clients had been wondering for years. And when it’s something you’ve thought about for that long, you don’t want your analysis to be done in a rush.

We’ll spend our time measuring and comparing colour sets. We’ll go over all the observations with each comparison. The end result? You’ll leave, not only with the palette that suits you, but also with a real understanding of why these are your optimal colours.

I will also explain why all the other palettes and colours, that weren’t your best, are not working well for you. It will be obvious why some colours are wrong. With others, they will be doable and sort of OK – but that’s not our goal, right? We are focusing on colours that make you look your best. I’ll give you the information you need, so you’ll know exactly what colours will never be worth looking at again.

I sought out Naomi after I tried and tried to figure out my own Color Season by myself. I couldn't seem to place myself in any one category, so I turned to a professional touch. I'm so glad I did! Naomi is incredibly skilled at what she does. We went through the entire color analysis process and she was always careful to point out what was and wasn't working about any one drape or color family. She helped me to understand my own coloring, and when I was finally revealed to be a Dark Winter I had no doubts she was right! The process was not a mystery, Naomi was very interactive and invested in helping me to fully grasp the reasoning behind the conclusion. I felt very invited into the process, and that made it fun!

Did you know that makeup, that is correct for you, can earn you a higher salary?

Applying lipstick

According to a study of 14,000 people by sociologists Wong and Penner, attractive individuals earn roughly 20% more than people of average attractiveness. However, grooming was actually more important than looks when it came to earnings.

“In practical terms, that means women who spend time and money on hair and makeup might actually fare better financially than those who do not. For example, a well-groomed woman of average attractiveness makes about $6,000 more annually than an average-looking, averagely-groomed woman. She also makes about $4,000 more than her better-looking, but less put-together coworker.”

Knowing your best colours will give you clear direction in your makeup purchases.

Modern white, feminine dressing room with minimalist vanity table and mirror

I just thought I’d let you know that after almost 3 months living as a Dark Winter, I’ll never go back!

I’m still slowly replacing all the Dark Autumn/Soft Summer clothes I own (I was on the right track!) but I have had incredible success with the makeup. Finally, my lips match the intensity of my eyes! My face looks balanced!

My husband, who has always hated blush on me, now says “you could wear even more if you wanted!” since I switched to a ‘Dark Winter’ plum. I feel so pretty! It’s fascinating how natural I look with such dark colors on my face. It almost looks like I’m not wearing any at all – the makeup sort of sinks into my face and my features come into relief. Everything is just highlighted perfectly.

Thank you for your gifted analysis! I’ve never felt lovelier and more sure of how to wear makeup.

So let me ask you…

How would it benefit you to make the best impression possible at work?

How would looking your best benefit your personal life?

There’s a reason you’ve found Personal Colour Analysis.
Whether you are 17 or 77, let this be a time to invest in yourself with a system that will give you the results you’ve been hoping for. 

I had thought about Personal Colour Analysis, but didn't know how much of an impact it would have on my colour selection for clothing. I was despairing that any colour would look good on me. I was very used to wearing all of the safe colours - black, gray and white - and I wasn't very adventurous in taking a chance on anything more 'colourful'. I did not wear a lot of clothing in reds, yellows, blues and greens. They just did not look that great on me, until Naomi was able to show me the specific shades of these colours that looked so good with my skin, hair and eye colour. Holy S***, was I ever surprised! Colour Analysis has made clearing out my closet easier and it has given me a clear direction in shopping. With my colour fan I'm now purchasing items that I know will work for me.
Business Owner
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