For Men

Colour Analysis For Men

Project confidence, strength, and purpose with your appearance.

Does image matter?

Within the first 30 seconds of meeting you, people make decisions based on your appearance:

How much authority you have.

How intelligent or trustworthy you are.

How suitable you are for a position or a promotion.

Whether you are in the public eye or not, managing your appearance really does matter.

Your Visual Statement

A man’s visual impact is determined by colour.

It is important that the colour worn near your face complements your natural skin tone, hair and eye colour.

If the colours are wrong for you, even the most expensive suit will be unable to create a positive impact.

In fact, wearing clothing in the wrong type of colour can have an aging effect on your face and make you look drained or unwell.

The truth is that not all colours suit everybody. You shouldn’t wear a colour just because it happens to be what’s available in the stores this season.

Did you know that only ONE of these blue shirts will look fantastic on you?


It has to do with how warm or cool the colour is, how bright or muted it is, and whether the colour is of a high/low value or of a medium value. Only one specific combination of these three colour characteristics will work well with your skin tone. 


Most people focus on matching clothes with clothes, without factoring themselves into the equation.

When what you wear is in harmony with your natural colours (skin, eyes and hair), people will take notice.

You will look younger, healthier and more confident.  For some of my clients, looking harmonious has even played a role in getting a long sought after job promotion.  

When you finally understand what YOUR best colours are, you’ll be able to create a positive impression, every time.

You maximize your ROI. No more wasting money on things that don’t suit you.

Looking your best is not complicated once you have the right information.

Colour Analysis is the key.

So let me ask you…

How would it benefit you to make the best impression possible at work?

How would looking your best benefit your personal life?

There’s a reason you’ve found Personal Colour Analysis.
Whether you are 27 or 57, let this be a time to invest in yourself with a system that will give you results.



$ 350
  • 2 hour COLOUR ANALYSIS session (Sci\ART sequence of testing to determine your Hue-Value-Chroma)
  • Canvas fan of 65 colour swatches representative of your season’s palette – your tool for shopping in your colour harmony. The cost of the colour fan ($134.40 value) is already included in the total session fee
  • A PDF guide on how to use the colour fan when shopping