Colourful Soft Summer Hair Colour

Reader’s Question:

If you enjoy “unnatural” hair colours like blue, purple, and green, how do you match these to your colour palette? My season is Soft Summer.

Pastel Colours

There are a number of hair colour options referred to as “Pastel” that work within the three dimensions of the Soft Summer palette: in a medium-light to medium-dark range, a cool-neutral warmth level, and muted. Keep in mind that some hair colours may require bleaching of the natural hair down to near white in order to achieve these effects.

Soft Summer | Pastel Hair Colour

What to Avoid

It’s important that the Soft Seasons retain their primary characteristic of ‘softness’ or mutedness. Vibrant hair colour would not be harmonious with your skin tone and eyes. As well, any hair colour that is lighter/darker than the lightest/darkest colours on the fan will be outside of your natural colour range.

The hair colours below are too vibrant for the Soft seasons.

Too Vibrant for Soft Summer


Soft Summer | Pink Ombre

Another option is to enjoy Soft Summer hair colour in an ombre effect.

Ombre has the advantage of shortening the “growing out’ stage when you return to your natural hair colour and may be overall less damaging to your hair.

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