The 12 Seasons at Easter: BRIGHT WINTER

Expressing Your Season At Easter…

Vivid Colour

At Easter, Bright Winter may wish to play up its Spring influence and have some fun with bold colour combinations, while still maintaining its season’s characteristics of clarity and high contrast. Here, Bright Winter’s deep magenta and violet are combined with white or several bright colours – yellow, green and turquoise – for an exuberant effect reflective of the Easter celebration.

Vivid Colors | Bright Winter

Yellow and Blue

The combination of dark and bright colour expresses both the depth of Winter and the zing of Spring that make Bright Winter what it is – restrained and vivacious, all rolled into one. A dichotomy, yes… yet somehow it all works together.

Here bright yellow, which is typically associated with Easter, is combined with a range of Bright Winter blues. Winter’s influence dictates that the overall effect remain dark, with the addition of bright yellow (and white) providing the required high contrast.

Yellow and Blue | Bright Winter

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