The 12 Seasons at Easter: DARK WINTER

Expressing Your Season At Easter…

Black & White + Deep Red

Only Winters are able to wear black and white successfully. Dark Winter’s palette is slightly warmed and slightly softened relative to the other Winters. Its white is not quite as bright as that of True Winter, and its black is slightly warmer than True Winter’s blue-black.

Dark Winter’ black and white is at it’s best when combined with a colour, such a deep red. For your Easter decor, add small accents of your warm green and butter yellow for a Spring-time feel to this high-contrast combination.

Black & White + Red | Dark Winter


Winter Icy Colours

Icy colours are Winter’s version of pastels – they are almost white with just a few drops of colour added.

Bring together an icy ballet-pink, icy lemon-yellow and icy sky-blue with plenty of white for a Winter’s interpretation of ‘pastel Easter colours’.

Icy Colours | Dark Winter

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