The 12 Seasons at Easter: TRUE SPRING

Expressing Your Season At Easter…

Warm and Colourful

With a clear yellow undertone, True Spring’s palette is the warmest of the three Springs. Lively colour combinations are managed effortlessly by True Spring. Here, teals and corals come together to form an Easter colour scheme that is full of zest.

Teal and Coral | True Spring


Pink and fuchsia have no place in your colour scheme – they are much too cool for you. Instead, incorporate a good dose of energetic orange in your Easter decor – perfect as an accent with your season’s fresh greens and sunshine yellows.

Orange and Green | True Spring

3 thoughts on “The 12 Seasons at Easter: TRUE SPRING

  1. Anna says:

    I’ve never thought teals could be so warm! Very enlightening.

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