The 12 Seasons at Easter: TRUE WINTER

Expressing Your Season At Easter…


Black & White

True Winter is about simplicity and absolutes.

The juxtaposition of the blackest black and the whitest white is True Winter at its best. A profound silence exists in the stillness of this high contrast combination.  True Winter finds its balance in absolutes.

Your ‘pure’ black is achieved through a smooth velvety finish. Texture is to be avoided as it will tend to soften your black.

Black & White | True Winter



Bold and Bright

Incorporate colour blocking.  By pairing a rich, deep pink with a bright yellow, True Winter’s requirement of a high degree of contrast – dark and light – is maintained. The addition of white, in smaller or greater amounts, provides space and visual balance to this bold colour scheme.

True Winter yellow works well as an accessory in a neutral colour scheme, creating a dramatic focal point.

Yellow and Pink | True Winter Easter

* Pink and Yellow table setting photo is used with permission from photographer

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