The 12 Seasons of Christmas: BRIGHT WINTER

Expressing Your Season At Christmas…

High Contrast

Bright Winter is a Neutral Season – Winter with a Spring influence that both warms and lightens. Bright Winter best creates its level of contrast through color combinations of dramatically different hues. While True Winter wears black & white exceptionally well, in the case of Bright Winter, black & white are best worn in combination with a colour.

In Christmas décor, look for a white is a very light and slightly yellowed (like buttermilk) to pair with a red that is brighter and warmer than True Winter’s primary red. The addition of bright green makes for a festive combination.

Red, White and Green | Bright Winter


Vivid Colour

Bright Winter is one of the most vivid of the 12 Seasons, however, keep in mind that bright colours will not look overly bright on Bright Seasons, so have fun with your bold colour combinations. Here, Bright Winter’s vivid blues, greens, and purples are combined with shiny yellow gold or silver to produce a vibrant and cheerful effect.

Vivid colours | Bright Winter

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