The 12 Seasons of Christmas: DARK AUTUMN

Expressing Your Season At Christmas…

Rich and Elegant

Dark Autumn has a value level and contrast level similar to Winter, but needs the warmth and muted qualities of Autumn. Your best colours are dark, earthy, golden and warm, with a high contrast level. Since you handle darkness well, you can wear black, but it’s not your best color given that you cannot fully balance its coldness. Dark Autumn needs to warm black up – a deep black-brown is a better alternative.

For your Christmas decor, pair rich, deep earth tones – warm burgundies, deep teals, eggplant purples and dark olive greens – together with oyster white/almond or one of your vivid Autumn hues to create contrast and depth.

Elegant – Warm Burgundy | Dark Autumn


Rich and Rustic

As is the case with all Autumn seasons, you do texture and weight better than anyone else. Velvet, leather, suede, and raw silk pair well with your rich palette.  Your best metals are gold or bronze.

Avoid white and any cool, pale or pastel colors which will wash you out.

Rustic – Warm Burgundy | Dark Autumn


Deep, Warm, Golden Colours

In general, vibrant, deep, warm, golden colors are fantastic on you. In decorating with your palette for Christmas, avoid bold colors like magenta or fuchsia that are too cool and clear for you, instead opt for shades of orange, caramel, peach, and salmon-pink which are in harmony with your warm coloring.

Caramel and Gold | Dark Autumn

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