The 12 Seasons of Christmas: LIGHT SPRING

Expressing Your Season At Christmas…

Light and Clear

Light Spring’s overall colouring is light. Transparency and clarity of colour are the key elements of this season’s palette. For the Light Spring, any major shifts in darkness level are amplified and seen as harsh or aggressive. This season’s worst colours are deep muted colors such as, black, burgundy, aubergine, etc. which drain the color from a Light Spring’s face. It is worth noting that the ‘darkest’ colours in the Light Spring palette are only in the mid-value range. This season’s deepest reds and purples are lighter and softer than those of any of the Winter influenced seasons.

In Christmas decor, the Light Spring’s focus is on soft reds, light turquoise and tints of purple paired with a light creamy ivory. An abundance of transparent glass ornaments and glass tableware further express the airiness of this season’s palette.

Light and Clear Colours | Light Spring

Light Lime Green and Blush

The lightness and delicateness of this season is enchanting. Light Lime Green and Blush or Peach and plenty of Light Gold or Silver lend a romantic feel to this season’s Christmas decor.

Light Lime Green & Blush | Light Spring

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