The 12 Seasons of Christmas: SOFT AUTUMN

Expressing Your Season At Christmas…

Warm, Light and Muted

Soft Autumn is the lightest of the three Autumn seasons. Its colours are quite warm, they appear dusty, heathered, grayed, and are medium light to medium dark in value. Soft Autumn colours are similar to the True Autumn season, but are cooled and grayed slightly by the small influence of Summer.

For your Christmas décor, keep in mind that there is nothing bold, bright or shiny about Soft Autumn. Choose pale golds with a brushed finish or a lustre, rather than shiny yellow golds.  Avoid white (this may not be easy to do with Christmas decor, so at least try to minimize it) which looks stark  – it has no place in an Autumn’s muted palette. Natural fibres and textures are wonderful on you – burlap, twigs, and berries can be incorporated into your festive decor.

Warm, Light , Soft Reds | Soft Autumn


Low Contrast

On Soft Seasons, there are no big jumps from one colour to the next – the focus is on low contrast. Soft Autumn warm greens and soft beiges/browns express a sense of comfort that feels like warm apple pie.

Warm, Light, Soft Greens | Soft Autumn

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  1. Anna says:

    These posts are so enlightening. And I’m falling in love with different seasons. – So much elegance and beauty. Thank you. A great visual experience!

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