The 12 Seasons of Christmas: TRUE AUTUMN

Expressing Your Season At Christmas…

Warm and Rustic

The True Autumn palette pairs well with texture – heavy woven fabrics, plaid, wool and felt – to give a rustic feel to your Christmas decor. Consider combining burnt orange with burlap and natural items – like pine cones, to bring a relaxed and casual feel to this festive time of year.

Warm, Muted Orange | True Autumn

Warm and Rich 

The True Autumn palette is surprisingly more saturated than one would expect of a muted season. The colours are rich and warm with a golden undertone – mustard yellow, golden browns, rich reds, burnt oranges, rust, etc. – even the colours we think of as cool (blues and greens) have been warmed in comparison to those in the cooler Seasons.

For your Christmas decor, make your red the star of the show. True Autumn red is not cool, bold or harsh – it is warm, welcoming, and a little bit spicy. It pairs well with matte or textured warm metals and woods. Colours for True Autumn to avoid are: fuchsia, hot pink, cool grey, pastels, and black.

Warm, Muted Red | True Autumn

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