The 12 Seasons of Christmas: TRUE SPRING

Expressing Your Season At Christmas…

Warm and Colourful

True Spring’s palette is warm and clear… not muted. A True Spring should always inject colour – pure pigments with just enough darkness. All-one-colour looks are too quiet for you. You are comprised of a lot of colour, and you will look better balanced when dressed that way.

In your Christmas décor, avoid cool colors with a blue undertone – icy pinks, fuchsia, cool berry colors and traditional Christmas red should be replaced with your shiny golds, oranges and warm reds. Avoid pure white (which is too draining on you) – your “white” is an ivory or cream. In all cases, avoid warm, muted shades which is a characteristic of the Autumn seasons and would be much too heavy for your colouring.

The True Spring version of ‘Red and Green’ | True Spring

5 thoughts on “The 12 Seasons of Christmas: TRUE SPRING

  1. Naomi M. says:

    Love this!! I so believe it is as important to have your environment right as your clothing 🙂

    • Melissa says:

      And yes, the issue of accommodating all household members the same way is another problem with it – you just can’t decorate your home with your colours only, unless you live alone…

    • Elegance Colour Consulting says:

      Hi Melissa. Thank you for your comment. Decorating your home is a matter of personal preference. While some people may choose to decorate within their palette, others may want to expand into other seasons. I created this blog series as an inspiration for your environment, not necessarily as a strict guideline or set of rules.

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks for your reply; my post was actually meant as a reply to Naomi M’s post, “it is as important to have your environment right as your clothing”, though now it looks like it’s reply to yours, by the layout 😉 That’s what I meant I don’t agree with: having your environment “right” is *not* the same as living surrounded by your personal colours only, and what about other family members, who are probably of a different season entirely…!

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