The 12 Seasons of Christmas: TRUE WINTER

Expressing Your Season At Christmas…

Sharp Contrast

True Winter is all about saturation and contrast. The True Winter palette is noted for its extremes of value – pure black and stark white, and colours in the range of cool deep shades and icy tints. A True Winter will always look best in sparkle and shine.

In decorating for Christmas, the True Winter can find expression by focusing on high contrast.

  • A pure white Christmas tree
  • True black and stark white: stockings, ornaments, ribbon and wrapping paper
  • High polish silver accessories
Black & White Christmas | True Winter

Colour Blocking

Incorporate colour blocking. In Christmas décor, pairing True Red with Bright White makes a bold statement. On a smaller scale, a colour blocking effect can also be achieved through the grouping of several accessories in the same saturated hue.

Colour Blocking: Red and White Christmas | True Winter

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