The 12 Seasons of Easter: BRIGHT SPRING

Expressing Your Season At Easter…


Bright and Cheerful

There is a cheerfulness to Bright Spring. This season’s palette is all about vivid colour. However, limiting your Easter decor to one or two colours would be boring… these bright hues are not meant to stand alone.

Bright Spring’s white plays an important role when combining several bold colours. It provides the high contrast that this Winter influenced season requires. It also provides a degree of visual relief, keeping the colour scheme from becoming too dense and intense.

Bright and Cheerful | Bright Spring

Hot Pink

Hot pink, turquoise and bright yellow harmonize beautifully together for a fresh and vibrant Easter colour scheme. This multi-colour combination is light and playful – not at all serious. Perfect for a gathering after an exciting Easter egg hunt.

Multi-coloured | Bright Spring

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